Restart of Seafile not working

Hi @daniel.pan ;

I have updated my Pro installation from 6.2.4 (generic) to 6.2.7 (Ubuntu, your suggestion) and now, when I restart the seafile server (sudo -u seafile …), the service seafevents is not comming up again. I’ve to reboot the whole server to start this service again. The 6.2.4 is working fine with this scenario, also the generic version of 6.2.7. This problem I did have also with the PYTHON_EGG_CACHE, because on restart the temp path was set to /root/.python-eggs and not to my seafile installation path (=home dir of the seafile user).

What is the difference between both restarts? The script is the same (generated from the install script and under /etc/init.d/.


We haven’t changed the way seafevents started. Can you send me the log files? (controller.log, events.log)