Roadmap: How can users push / vote for issues and influence the roadmap?


How can users push / vote for issues and influence the roadmap? I love Seafile, but I have two issues that bug me and which I would like to see one day resolved. Of course, I understand that they if I am the only one asking for these, I doubt they will ever be implemented as they are costly to do.

Still, how can a user influence the roadmap? How are new features decided? Is it possible to vote for and promote issues?

Following are the two issues I would like to see one day resolved, in order of preference:

  1. Symlink support
  2. Add command to completely delete file from Seafile

Best regards,
Hans Deragon


would be a possibility.


There two features requires modification of Seafile core system, which requires much time to finish and test. But the demands are not high according to feedbacks from the forum and our paid customers. So we haven’t implemented them yet.

For other features, you can post a wishlist in the forum. The forum also supports vote for features.

I looked around and found no (obvious) way to vote in the forum. How does it work? How can I promote the features I want? How do people vote?

So, nobody can tell me how one can promote or vote for features? Using the forums or by other means? My point being that regarding my features, maybe they would be more popular if customers actually know about them. And myself, I would like to know which current features are the most demanded; maybe I would like to vote for them.