Run seaf-fsck to a log-file?

I got pretty big library’s and it takes time to run seaf-fsck so I’m wondering if it’s possible to run it so it logs everything in a file?

you can use this command:

/home/path/to/folder/seafile-pro-server-*/ >> /home/path/to/folder/logs/seaf-fsck.log

Ok, Thanks.
I’m running ubuntu server does it work with that?
I can’t test it right now.

do you use seafile CE or pro edition?

Seafile CE
/home/path/to/folder/seafile-server-/ >> /home/path/to/folder/logs/seaf-fsck.log
Seafile Pro
/ >> /home/path/to/folder/logs/seaf-fsck.log

on ubuntu you will need to add “sudo” at the beginning of the line …

Hi @Calby, what @Cisco show up for you working on all Linux system (maybe unix like system … ?). It just redirect script output from console to file. There is alternative with nohup script which do it for you

nohup /home/path/to/folder/seafile-server-*/

It’s create file .nohup in same folder where you are or in you home folder. But if you log out from SSH then script will stop working. So you can run it on background for let it work whole night for example without problem.

nohup /home/path/to/folder/seafile-server-*/ &


/home/path/to/folder/seafile-server-*/ >> /home/path/to/folder/logs/seaf-fsck.log &