Running old and go fileserver in a cluster in parallel


I started using the go fileserver in our cluster with pro 9.0.7. The fileserver caused a high cpu load and memory usage, so I switched back to the old fileserver. Now I see, that in 9.0.8 there’s a fix in the go fileserver. Before I enable the fileserver again in the whole cluster, would it be possible to just enable it on one of the four nodes to see if the problem persists? Or will this produce problems in the database or elsewhere?


Yes, you can just upgrade one node to test. But now go fileserver does not limit all client requests, and some requests may still take up a lot of CPU if there are too many requests. We will continue to optimize it in the next release.

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Great, thanks for the information. I think I will wait until the next release, because we have a lot of requests.