S3 backend settings not being used in docker pro image


First a quick thanks for making this awesome software!

I’m using the pro version for personal use, as a docker image on Ubuntu x64. Everything works great as is, but when I change the backend to use s3 (configured per the manual) it seems like the changes are not picked up.

Meaning it continues to use the default disk based backend and not s3. I don’t care about migrating any data, I just want it to use s3.

Is there some reinitialization that I need to perform to get it to pick up the new backend settings in seafile.conf? I did of course restart the container and I do see my changes in it.

I’ve looked through all the logs and I don’t see any errors…I don’t really see anything happening during first initialization (watching via docker logs -f seafile) that I might need to tweak so I’m rather stumped.

thanks in advance for any help!

Do you created the image yourself with a Dockerfile? Because there is no official pro image on docker hub. So if you created the container yourself, did you opened the ports for S3?

The official image is hosted by Seafile Ltd. The details are on manual.seafile.com.

thanks for the reply! Actually I wasn’t using the docker pro version it wasn’t obvious immediately to me since version seems to primarily be indicated by install directory name…and yeh that was the issue I guess S3 isn’t supported in the community edition which I didn’t know either.

I did get S3 working in the pro version. thanks again.