Safe max size for libraries

Running 11.0.8 CE, I’ll like to know if there is a policy on keeping the max number of files or size below a limit, or if the system handle them perfectly, as there is no warnings or hard limits in the administration panels.
I’ve read in the forum about 100k as recommendation on max files, but on older posts, so older versions. Currently we are having libraries with about 800k files and 2-3TB syncing perfectly with seadrive and seafile. But at same time, other smaller ones seems have anomalies on they sync status among different clients (All files appear in website, but not all in seadrive or seafile sync. clients).

In Seafile Pro edition there is an option named max_sync_file_count. If a library contains more files than the number set in this option, it cannot be synced. This is to avoid some cases that can overload the server. The default is 100K since version 8. It can be set to -1 to remove the limit. This option doesn’t exist in the community edition. That’s why you can sync more than 100K files.

Syncing a library with large number of files doesn’t always overloads the server. Actually many customers works fine with much higher number than the default limit.

Your anomalies should be other issues. For example, if your file paths contain special characters they cannot be synced to Windows.

Ok, we have no overload in the server and most users have not that problem, so, as you said, may be related to win/mac paths or empty files. Nice to know that having way more files is not a problem, thanks.