Sdoc-server processes running as root inside docker container

I’m running seafile11-pro with sdoc-server - both started by docker compose. Works after some hurdles - but the I’m not happy, that the sdoc server and converter are running as root inside the docker container.

ps -ef 

root  60  node --max-old-space-size=4096 ./dist/_bin/www.js
root  68  python3 -u seadoc_converter/
root  74  /bin/bash /scripts/

In this scenario (docker-compose) the nginx process inside the sdoc-server container is not neccessary - only the two processes above must be running.

  • is it possible to change the user for these two processes?
  • or is a Dockerfile somewhere available, so I can build the sdoc-server image myself? (without nginx)


This is a current limitation. In version 12.0, we have a plan to change the default user to a non root user.

Currently, there is no open Dockerfile to build the image by yourself.

will wait for v12 then.