Seadoc got ’加载文档内容错误‘

I set up the seafile and seadoc by following the official doc with seadoc and seafile docker on same host,but when i try to edit the sdoc file, I got this error:


the log file sdoc-server.log shows:

[2024-04-04 18:51:54] [ERROR] document-controller.js[56] - Request failed with status code 404
[2024-04-04 18:51:54] [ERROR] document-controller.js[70] - Load 测试.sdoc(81192ed5-f637-4a16-a4ca-206d116ea9b3) doc content error

the Seafile server version is 11.0.6 CE, Seadoc version is 0.6.0
I’ve tried to access the server-url/sdoc-server/ , it shows:

Welcome to sdoc-server. The current version is 0.6.0

So How can i fix this error?

Make sure SERVICE_URL and FILE_SERVER_ROOT are set correctly in, and make sure sdoc-server can access these URLs.