SeaDrive 0.8.5 and Fedora 28

With Fedora 28 SeaDrive 0.8.5 is stopped working. The client can not start.
The reason is, that in Fedora 28 is a newer libevent 2.1.8 which not contains the /lib64/, which was included still Fedora 27 with libevent-2.0.22.
ldd /usr/bin/seadrive: => not found

So I’ve tried to compile the libevent-2.0.22 from but compile fails every time again with an error in bufferevent_openssl.c. However I need only, so this file was (succesfully?) created under libevent-2.0.22-stable/.libs/ (and it’s symbolic link
I’ve copied into /lib64 and created symbolic link /lib64/ to /lib64/ and SeaDrive works again.

If ever SeaDrive has a new release, I hope it does not use libevent-2.0 anymore (instead libevent-2.1), so I can delete this both files.

Latest SeaDrive is now version 0.9.2.

But in SeaDrive 0.9.x the library structure is broken against master folders (Libraries are displayed under three folders: “My Libraries”, “Group Libraries”, “Shared libraries”) (see dicussion, unless you’ve inplement an option for old <0.9.x style (display only ‘libraries’ from “My Libraries”) or new >0.8.x style.

In official CentOS-repository there is still 0.8.5 .

That’s because it’s community maintained, not by Seafile,Ltd. Sometimes this is working very good and you always get new versions like on Arch, other times it’s getting orphaned. If you want it, you have to ask the maintainer for CentOS or compile it yourself.

Edit: I was confused, SeaDrive is closed source and it’s not possible to compile it self, so it can’t be community maintained. When I spoke of Arch, I ment the client, not the drive.

SeaDrive is closed source. It cannot be compiled by community members.

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Sorry, I always forget that. On the download site, they say SeaDrive runs just on Debian/Ubuntu. You have to go to the help site to find the instructions. Seems they stopped compiling it for CentOS.

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We have created a dedicated SeaDrive package for Fedora (rather than using the one built on CentOS).

Please follow the “Installing on Fedora” section in the seadrive client manual.

Thanks everyone for reporting in this thread!


Works fine.

Now on Fedora 28/29 we’ve got the problem that we have to uninstall seafile-client to be able to install seadrive because there is a collision with the library from the packages libsearpc-3.1-10 and seadrive-0.9.6-1.

you mean seafile-client?

Sorry - yes - changed that

Thanks for reporting - we’ll see how to fix that

Got the “seadrive-1.0.0-1” via Fedora repo today. Unfortunately it is still impossible to install seafile-client on the same machine due to the libsearpc error.

We have fixed the packaging for seadrive on Fedora 28 - Now you should be able to install seafile-client and seadrive on the same system.

Hi lins05,

I can confirm that it is working now.
I installed seafile-client (6.2.5) and seadrive (1.0.1) at the same time.

Best regards

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