SeaDrive 2.0.14 Kernel Problem with Update Big Sur 11.4 (20F71)


I have a kernel installation problem (2.0.14) since the new Big Sur update 11.4 (20F71).

Error message: “Unable to initialize: The kernel driver could not be installed.”

Last time I had the exact same thing where I upgraded to Big Sur.

Solution of the problem was then the SeaDrive Client 2.0.9. with 2.0.8. an installation was not possible.

Is there already a 2.0.15 beta or similar?


i found a Solution with the Kernel Fault.

I have installed SeaDrive Client 2.0.14 with root privileges. It was important to remove the necessary file remnants in the /Library.

To do this, simply “go to folder /library” and search for SeaDrive and remove everything that contains SeaDrive in the name.

Then reboot (reboot is absolutely necessary without it does not work) and reinstall SeaDrive in the root account (maybe its not necessary to install it in the Root Account, only test it with it).

Root rights can be unlocked with these instructions:

The kernel has been installed successfully.