SeaDrive 2.0.16 is released

Change logs:

  • [Win] Fix failure to delete placeholder files
  • [Win] Fix failure to create placeholder files when there are duplicate file names with different cases
  • Set Content-Type header in http requests

Can you figure out why on OSX it wants to replace MacFUSE with the 4.0.4 version often - it happens to me when running 4.2.0 of MacFUSE

Aren’t you running macFUSE 4.1.2?

Nope, 4,2.0

FYI, it doesn’t try to re vert to 4.1.2 - it goes to 4.0.4

I’m an ubuntu user, followed the SeaDrive install guide on the download page, but it installed 2.0.10, any way for me to get these newer versions? Running apt install seadrive-gui just gives me 2.0.10.

@SpencerXZX We’ll update it today.

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@mercury I raised another forum post for seadrive; hoping you might have some ideas?