SeaDrive 2.0.18 for Windows released!

For users have a lot of files on the server, this version greatly improves the speed of library loading on restart. The libraries will be ready for use much faster than earlier versions. This doesn’t affect macOS client.

A new version of macOS client supporting macOS 12 will be released soon.


Amazing! Thanks!

Just a quick question: When SeaDrive downloads the file list from the server, it is the expected behavior that Windows Search services exhibits high load?

The screenshot above is from an Intel Core i5 (8. generation) notebook seconds after SeaDrive had been started. Apart from SeaDrive, only Google Chrome and a Cisco VPN were running (in addition to some other smaller apps running in the background).

Hello @Jonathan is there any ETA for the new version please? Trying to decide whether to roll back Monterey to Big Sur or wait for the update :slight_smile:

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Yes, the indexer will try to index all the placeholders, so that you can search them (by name at least).

A version supporting macOS 12 will be released this week.


Thanks for the release.
Is there already an ETA for the Linux?
It has the same or a similar problem as the Windows version.

This change is not relevant to Linux, which doesn’t create placeholders in the file system. What’s your problem?