SeaDrive 2.0.19 released!

Change logs:

  • Ignore timestamp changes to .eml files
  • Unregister sync root when user choose to remove account data in uninstallation

Happy new year everyone!


This for OSX as well? I see it still at .18



macOS version is not changed.

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I recently had a problem with seadrive 2.0.19, but I’m not sure if it’s related to this version.

Lib1 is a library owned by James and shared with Jim. James was fired. As an admin, I transfer Lib1 to Jim. Jim connects to web interface and now see Lib1 in “My libraries”, he renames Lib1 to JamesLib.
4 minutes later Jim is back on his computer, seadrive is not updated, Lib1 isn’t renamed and is in “Share with me” folder. We wait 10 min, but nothing happened.
Quit and relaunch seadrive did not fix the issue.
After disconnect / reconnect the account with purge cache file, it seems to be ok.

@Jean-lou_Schmidt Hi, maybe when SeaDrive tries to move the library from “Shared with me” to “My Libraries”, some files in that library is opened, so the move failed. Can you PM the seadrive.log from that client to me for analysis? A quick fix is: remove the library folder from “Shared with me” folder, then log out the account without cleaning the cache, then login again.

Hello @Jonathan when will the feature be added to exclude certain files (such as *.tmp) from being synced in the SeaDrive client? It’s already in the Seafile client. I’m just waiting for this one feature and SeaDrive will be perfect :slight_smile:

We’ll put it in our plan.

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Looking at Drive Client for Linux - Seafile User Manual … am looking for SeaDrive client for Debian arm / arm64 … is it possible to build from source perhaps please?

For clarity, it would be more helpful if the architecture (arm, arm64, amd64, etc) is included in the docs at

How much does it cost to develop this feature and release it in the next version? It’s really important for me. I know it does already work fine in SeaFile, but I need it in SeaDrive.

Since we’re now focused on other priority tasks, such as supporting File Provider API on macOS, this task doesn’t have high priority. We’ll work on it latter.

Can I pay to get this task higher priority? :slight_smile: