SeaDrive 2.0.24 (Windows)- Removes files and folders

SeaDrive was installed on 4 windows, since a week now, I had to fall back to version 2.0.23 because theses 4 computers had removed files and folders without action from users.

After spending some time reading logs, here is what I found.
Computer A, with SeaDrive 2.0.24, is turned off.
On seafile server, new files and folders are created.
When Computer A turns on, SeaDrive startup and removes new files and folders created during his sleep time, considering that he is the reference.

This is a huge problem, but hopefully history and trash allowed us to find and restore deleted datas.
Please fix this !

Can you share the complete seadrive-gui.log, seadrive.log, events.log and a screenshot of the history? Please send them to Thanks.

This has been fixed in 2.0.25 version.

Ok thanks you.