Seadrive 2.0.4 Cache and objects issues

I try seadrive 2.0.4 and i have several issues :
When i move folder location From C:/Users/PROFILE/… to C:/Seadrive the old folder still persist.
How can i delete it safely?
Moreover even after a deletion i still have the Seadrive shortcus on the navigation bar of Windows Explorer

Hi Fabien,

I encountered the same problem in my tests: When switching Seafile accounts, depending on what you do, you may end up with some “stranded” SeaDrive nodes in the Windows Explorer’s nav bar that can only be removed by a registry hack. This is not ideal, 100%.

What you can do to remove the stranded icons is this: Look for the string “seadrive” in HKEY_ROOT\CLSID of you windows registry. You will find at least three keys containing that string. Each one is responsible for one of the nodes in the nav bar. Look closer at these keys: There will be a value IsPinnedToNameTree = 1. Set this value to 0 and check if the node has disappeared.

Also: You’ll also have to remove/change registry keys in HKEY_ROOT\WOW6432Node\CLSID. These keys are responsible for showing the SeaDrive node in 32 bit applications.

It works like a charm.

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