SeaDrive 2.0.7 is released!

Change logs:

  • [Win] Avoid unintended file deletions when removing seafile account
  • [Mac] Fix some application compatibility issues caused by extended file attributes handling

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for this update!

Following some unsettling observations in production use, I ran some extra tests. Here my results:

1.) I “lost” some files again when moving files. It is the problem I described here for the first time (and which I thought was solved in version 2.0.6).

The problem is simple to reproduce: Put a bunch of files in a library and add some folders. Then move all (as opposed to copy) the files from one folder to another. Repeat this several times: Move from folder A to folder B, back to folder A, into a folder C, from C directly into the library and then including folder A into folder B and acros in another library.

In my first test, it happened during the third move action when I moved the files in another folder in another library. Of the 100 or so files, some 5 got lost en route. In a second test with a new library (and a fresh set of new files), it happened when I moved the files a fifth time from one folder to another folder in the same library. This means file loss is rare compared to the any pre SeaDrive 2.0.6 version, but even one file lost is too much.

As long as these problems persist, I don’t consider SeaDrive 2.0 production-ready and I would not recommend its use. The big concern here is that you just don’t realize that files get lost. No warning or error message and because only a few files get lost, you don’t see it right away.

2.) The columns in the window for mapping encrypted libraries to the local file system are not width-adjustable. This can be a problem depending on the resolution of your screen (see screenshot below). In the case shown, there is no way to tell the libraries apart.

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We can reproduce the issue. It’ll be fixed in the next release. But actually the files are not lost. They should still exist in one of the previous folders on the server side. The cause is that the move requests to the server conflict with each other. That causes some move operations failed.

We’ll fix it too.

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