SeaDrive 3.0.6 does not work on MacOS Sonoma 14.0

After upgrading to MacOS Sonoma the previously working SeaDrive 2.x version did not work anymore. I tried now the version 3.0.6 (Beta); loaded fine, but does not log into our sea file server. How can I force it to show the login window? Clicking in the Finder on the “Sign In…” button does not give any response.

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Did exactly the same steps with the same results. Also waiting for a solution…

Oh that’s sound bad. I‘m shortly before buying a new Mac. And I can‘t work without Seafile. There are all my data on it.

I would not give up on buying a new Mac based on this. I presume a fix will become available in the near future. Worked flawlessly in the past. And in the meantime one can always access the SeaDrive content via the web browser…

I noticed that Seafile desktop client 9.0.4 works on Mac OS Sonoma (14.0). Has similar functionality than SeaDrive, but more clumsy to use if you don’t want to mirror the entire libraries from the server. In SeaDrive you only specify the total local storage to use; in Seafile you have to explicitly specify which libraries/folders/files you don’t want to download. I hope very much that the SeaDrive client gets working again under Mac Sonoma.

The 3.0 version stores the account and data separately from 2.x clients. So you have to login/create the account from the new client. Usually the client should pop up a login dialog if no account is found. Can you provide screenshot for your problem?

We haven’t tested Sonoma. But the basic functionality should work with 3.0 version.

I reinstalled SeaDrive 3.0.6, it starts and claims to be connected (green check sign on Icon in screenbar). But in the seadrive-gui.log file it reports Connection refused (see below). However the credentials are correct: I checked again server address, user email and password - they work when accessing the server via my browser. In the SeaFile app I tried to delete the account, but this does not work. Adding the same account again does not work either. Also the Settings panel is grayed out and unresponsive.

[10/07/23 12:23:51] pipe client failed to connect to server: Connection refused

You need to open Finder and click the “SeaDrive” entry in the left pane. That would start the seadrive daemon. Then the GUI can connect to it.

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Strange - now it works. The sign-in button on the Finder SeaDrive window was not responsive. I then deleted the account and then re-added it again - now it works. Thanks!

I am seeing this grayed-out/inactive Settings screen under macOS Sonoma 14.3, SeaDrive 3.0.7 and Seafile CE 11.0.5. Quitting and restarting SeaDrive will restore the Settings window, at least temporarily.

Coincidentally, perhaps, the ‘pipe client failed to connect’ errors are accumulating in the seadrive-gui log:

[02/03/24 11:39:47] pipe client failed to connect to server: Connection refused

Update: Broken Pipe error is showing in Ventura 13.6.4 also. The Ventura system shares an account with the Sonoma system.

[02/03/24 16:11:47] failed to send rpc call: Broken pipe
[02/03/24 16:11:47] failed to get sync errors: Transport Error

[02/03/24 16:11:48] failed to send rpc call: Broken pipe
[02/03/24 16:11:48] pipe client failed to connect to server: Connection refused
[02/03/24 16:11:50] pipe client failed to connect to server: Connection refused

Update 2: When Accounts > Select Account > Delete is selected SeaDrive quits but on re-launch appears with the “deleted” account in place.