Seadrive and roaming user profiles


when I set up the seadrive client, I created the directory where I want to put the user library outside the user profile. However, seadrive still create a folder under the user profile with the name “seadrive”. As far as I can tell, data is cached there. This causes problems with a roaming user profile like extremely long login and logout times.

Where can I tell the program to put this where such data is actually stored?

The correct location would be


So with per directory redirection (policy) it can be specified that this data is not copied to the Roamaning Profile.

I would be grateful for a short feedback

Currently it’s not possible to change this location. This folder contains internal metadata used by the client. The seadrive folder is not for the cache, the cache location is C:\users\username\seadrive_root, which can be changed in settings dialog.

Why is it a problem to not putting this folder in roaming user profile?