SeaDrive client 2 cached file corruption


Some of the local cached version of my files are corrupted. If I read them their content is filled with 0’s.
If I check the same file on the server, they are ok.

It seems this happened when the cache is filled up (there’s a 200GB limit to the local cache size).

Is it a known bug? I didn’t find any articles about this. Is there a way to repair corrupted files?

Windows 10 Pro 21H1 (19043.1826)
Drive Client for Windows 2.0.22
Community Server Version: 8.0.7

SeaDrive doesn’t fill files with 0’s. Do you mean the file becomes size 0?

Hi Jonathan, thanks for the answer.

The file length is correct, but it is filled with 0’s in the local cache (Drive Client):

If I download the same file from the server’s web interface, then the content is correct:

So this is why I think the problem is related to the Drive Client.

Can you send the seadrive.log file to

Hi Jonathan, I’ve sent it.

Hi @Jonathan, it happened again, with Seadrive client 2.0.26, Community Server 9.0.10.
We resintalled the client with a full wipe, but I’ve saved the client log before the wipe. Shouls I send it to with a short description o f the problem?


@gabormarinov Yes. Please send it to support.

Thanks, I’ve sent it.