Seadrive client log using dozens of Gigabyte

I’ve been encountering a significant problem with my SeaDrive log, which is growing extremely large, sometimes even exceeding 30GB in size. The root of this issue appears to be related to my use of PNPM as a package manager, which utilizes Windows file hardlinks. While I don’t even want these hardlinks to be synced via SeaDrive, the entire SeaDrive client log is becoming cluttered with messages like the following:

[00/00/00 00:00:00] CfConvertToPlaceholder failed on C:/SeaDrive/User/My Libraries/…/node_modules/…js: The cloud operation cannot be performed on a file with incompatible hardlinks.

These messages appear for every single file, repeatedly, and it’s causing a significant problem for me. Even when I attempt to use a seafile-ignore.txt file to exclude these files, SeaDrive continues to attempt syncing them.

At this point, I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to either completely disable the logging function or find a solution to prevent these hardlinked files from cluttering the SeaDrive log.