SeaDrive concurrent Multiple server syn

Hi There,

new to seafile, been looking for a self hosted cloud solution and tried and dismissed next cloud due to local access not being through sync client resulting in different file paths for local vs remote.

Basically wanting it so the cache drive is always the file path weather remote or local so the paths remain the same.

Seafile seems to do this ok as I have just named all the users the same which means the file path is consistent and will use the same cache drive on each system.

I have 2 servers, one at work one at home, but with the seadrive you have to swap between.

Is there any way or anything in the road map that will mean these two servers can both be active and syncing without the need to swap between them manually.

They both on the same tailscale network so can both appear locally.

With the upcoming 3.0 version, you can sync multiple account at the same time. It’ll be uploaded to seafile website in 1-2 weeks.

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Ok Great thanks, this is a big improvement!