Seadrive conflict with Kaspersky Endpoint


we are facing the problem that Seadrive does not run properly on Windows 10 machines with Kaspersky Endpoint installed.

When starting Seadrive,

  • the virtual drive pops up in the explorer but libraries are shown as read-only (grey round “no-way” icons) and cannot be opened or
  • it is shown as a network drive that cannot be accessed (error message saying that the drive cannot be accessed)

Once Kaspersky is fully shut down, Seadrive jumps into action and works like a charm.

We have added Seadrive to the trusted applications as well as other things. Nothing apart from disabling Kaspersky seems to work.

I will post log files once I have them. Forget to copy them from the affected computers. Sorry

Your experience/opinions are appreciated.

I’ve had the same problem with Avast, I had to add all Seafile folders, one by one, on my client to the exclusion list.

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Maybe there a option from Kaspersky itself because Kaspersky uses Seafile itself, but I don’t know, I would look in a Kaspersky forum.

Thanks for your comments! Very appreciated.

We fixed the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling Kaspersky Endpoint. A fresh installation of Kaspersky did NOT produce any conflicts with Seadrive. Kaspersky and Seadrive now happily co-exist.


I have the same issue, but Kasperkshy is controlled by a central endpoint server and i can’t activate the option to trust seadrive.
I also reinstall Kaspersky, with no sucess.
Did you configure Kasperksy to trust seadrive ? Centrally ? On each device ?
@pierre.baridon, do you have the same issue with a kasperksy endpoint server ?

Hi Gautier,
in our case, the only solution was the uninstall/install procedure.
Before, we had added Seadrive/Seafile Sync Client to trusted applications to no avail.

Thank you ralf.
I did a fresh install of seadrive 0.91 on top of a reinstallation of Kaspersky, and the CPU usage / Crashes do not occur anymore. I’ll keep you informed if the problem reappears.