SeaDrive Data Folder Location

Is it possible to configure SeaDrive to use a different folder location on Windows? I need to have it sync data to a different hard drive than my user profile. With the standard SeaFile client, you get to pick where the data directory is. Is there an option that I can add to the registry or a command-line argument while launching the program? It looks like the Linux version can specify a path to a data directory.

We have a plan to enable setting the cache directory for SeaDrive windows client in version 0.8.


I have SeaDrive version 0.8.3 installed on Win 10 but cannot find the option to change the cache location. Is the functionality already in the build?

No, this feature is not added yet.

On linux it’s easy, on windows it’s little bit hard. But you can try to use simlink aka Symbolic link. It’s beahavioral is it look like folder, but this file/folder pointing to some another place in computer (yes something like desktop shortcuts). But this is folder for whole system include applacation. So seafile think that folde data/ is there but can be on D:/ or other disks.

WARNING: Didn’t test it. I’m using Linux so I don’t know if there aren’t some security breaches or if it can damage your data. But i’m using this on linux daily :wink:

@daniel.pan Is this feature implemented by now?
Although I see the Cache directory option in my SeaDrive settings,
it still uses C:\Users\John\seadrive\data for the data.
The “Cache Directory” settings seems to set my seadrive root folder not the cache folder.
Or am I missing something?