Seadrive - failed to set file-id xattr - makes windows explorer hang

Seafile Server Version 7.09 Pro
Seadrive Client 1.0.11
OS: Windows 10

Hi there, I’m having an issue with the seadrive client getting stuck - windows explorer seems to hang or get stuck when trying to:

  • copy and paste files into the S:
  • right click and choosing ‘properties’ from the windows menu

empty folders seem to copy and paste ok (even if the folder has empty subfolders under it), its just when the copy operation gets to any file (xls, txt, doc etc) it will hang. on the copy operation it will just sit there with the progress bar stalled. if i try to right click and select properties for a file, windows explorer will crash.

the only error that I can find that pops up in the seadrive.log is:

[02/19/20 14:11:04] file-cache-mgr.c(339): Failed to set file-id xattr for D:/Seadrive-Adam\file-cache\am40d9f4-03f0-4f5a-9253-901c5819cead\7. Expenses/Expenses Log.xlsx: No error.

my seadrive cache is on D drive which is an additional hard disk (not an external/usb drive) in my computer.

I’ve done some further digging, a few steps that i’ve done:

  • I checked on my laptop (only other device that I can test with), and i’m not getting the same error (the seadrive clients works fine and behaves as expected when copying and pasting, and right clicking on properties on a file)
  • completely uninstalled and reinstalled seadrive (including nuking any registry entries i could find), and just reinstalled it on my C: instead of my D: (D is a second hard disk installed in my machine).
  • once installing it back to C: i dont get the error any more
  • moved my cache directory back over to D: and the error happens again

ok, so i’ve done some further digging - and looked at the differences between the drives.

D: was formatted as exFat
C: was formatted as NTFS

i’ve reformatted D: to NTFS (i didnt have any other data I needed on there – backup your drive if you do!), and it has fixed the error. even after moving my cache back onto D: the error is gone.

I dont know the ins and outs of filesystem differences, but I guess NTFS stores some extra file data that seadrive wont transfer across to an exFat drive.