SeaDrive files automatically downloaded upon opening directory

We are exploring the feasibility of SeaFile Professional Edition and have questions relating to SeaDrive. SeaDrive 11.0.5 is used and installed on Ubuntu with Mate desktop environment.

  1. Files within directory automatically downloaded after navigating into the directory

When using SeaDrive GUI client in the Mate environment, whenever a directory is opened through the (Caja) File Manager/Explorer, based on the File Access logs, it seems the files within the directory are downloaded. The files are displayed in a List, with no thumbnails displayed. Compared to using SeaDrive CLI, performing a ls command did not download the files in the same test scenario, which seems more appropriate for a virtual drive solution.

Is there a way to disable the auto downloading of files when navigating files/folder through File Manager?

  1. Errors were encountered when extracting a GZ file of approximately 900MB. This was tested in both SeaDrive Client and CLI.

Error logs:
file-cache-mgr.c(1249): Cached file XXXXX.gz does not exist when read.
fuse-ops.c(1362): Failed to read XXXXX.gz: Input/output error.

Is SeaDrive able to overcome this?

Any advice is appreciated!


This seems to be triggered by file access patterns from the Mate environment. You can add the env variable “SEADRIVE_DEBUG=fs” before staring seadrive. There should be more log messages about which operations are received.

We’ll look into the second problem.

The second issue should due to failure of fetching the file from the server. Do you see other errors about downloading that file in the log? You can also try to download the file from web interface, to see whether the file was corrupted on the server side. Also check seafile.log on the server side for errors when downloading this file.