Seadrive for linux

I’m trying to setup the seadrive client on an ArchLinux box, I managed to compile seadrive-gui using the sources from Github. When running it, I’m getting the following error message:

fusermount: entry for ${HOME}/SeaDrive not found in /etc/mtab

and nothing happen. The help mention seadrive and seadrive-deamon whereas the compilation only provide seafile-gui, besides, I noticed that for Debian/Ubuntu you provide a seadrive-gui and seadrive-daemon. I’m missing something?

Could you provide me some information to get the seadrive client to work for linux (other than Debian/Ubuntu)?

Sadly, as Jonathan said in


the not-gui part of the seadrive client is not open sourced yet…

I find that pretty sad, too.

Sorry, I didn’t read the whole thread, only the announcement… Thanks for pointing me to the right messages in this thread.
It’s a bit fancy to only release one part of this new client but I’ll wait that everything goes on github to get it.

Any news for a release of the source code of seadrive-daemon ?

A small ping to have informations about the release of the source code.

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Same issue here even 2020… How did you solve this issue?