Seadrive - Generate Thumbnails for Files Stored in Cloud

Hello Seafile Team, firstly I would like to congratulate you for developing a platform that is very reliable, efficient and fast. I have been using it 3 years now and it has never skipped a beat.

I would like to request that the new Seadrive Client on windows generate thumbnails for files and photos that are not synced on the local drive. I find my self using the Seadrive more than the Seafile sync as I can selectively and easily chose what I want to keep local and what in the Cloud.

Thank You

Hi @Narendra_Rajcoomar

Glad that you find Seafile useful! We have recently researched on this feature request. However we find that placeholder files created by Windows Sync API cannot work with Explorer thumbnail extension.

You may notice that OneDrive has thumbnail preview for placeholder files. That’s because OneDrive is a native application in MSIX format. But converting SeaDrive to MSIX format requires huge architectural change so it’s not on our plan.

Does it seem unlikely that we will ever see thumbnails in SeaDrive :(? Such a shame.

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@Jonathan The thumbnail handler would be a COM object, which could be registered in the manifest of an MSIX package (which is what the samples do), but there are other mechanisms to do that as well.

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@spacehitchhiker This would be great! I take the liberty of linking to your other post here: Seadrive - Thumbnails for cloud files

We’re aware of this. But traditional thumbnail extensions don’t work with cloud placeholders. And we don’t want to build a MSIX package. So there is no solution.