Seadrive in windows 11 VM not syncing

Hi there

so I have set up a windows 11 VM in unraid and want to cache my seafile drive to it.

I have set the cache directory as N:// and right clicked on the folder and marked as always keep on this device.

So it syncs for a short while then stops and shows its fully done, but it is no where near done. But it shown as done, If I click the files again and mark as offline again it starts again then stops shortly after.

Any ideas why this might be happening in a windows 11 VM that is otherwise functioning perfectly.


Does it work if you use a local drive as cache directory? If so, it maybe that the Windows API doesn’t support using external drive as cache directory.

Yep it is cached as a local drive

N:/ is a local drive not a share or external drive.

I don’t think the VM sees this drive as an external drive.

Its like that seadrive keeps turning it back to cloud even though I have selected always keep on this device.

The VM is working fine apart from seadrive. Its just for some reason, Seadrive thinks everything has synced and stops syncing despite most of the stuff not being synced.

I think there is about 794gb and about 150gb has managed to sync.

if you right click on the folder and click always keep on this device, it sets it going again but then stops shortly after, I would say within 30 min

Hi Again,

Please help me understand this, there is no logical reason why it is not syncing, Basically its showing the files are sync pending, but it only syncs a small amount and on transfer progress its empty and nothing is syncing.

Doesn’t really matter that its in VM really as its just the same as on a desktop with a hard drive allocated to cache.

please help with this as I urgently need to try and find a solution.