Seadrive is NOT ‘free up space’ on windows pc

I have SeaDrive in installed on my PC connected to my seafile server through the local network.
I copied all my files in the library, but most of them still show on my PC.
I’ve clicked 'Free Up Space' multiple times, and it downloads instead of uploading and deleting.

Can someone please help me?

I have the same issue!
Client Verrsion 3.0.2

I have an allied problem - the option to “Free up space” is greyed out when it should really be enabled as this folder contains downloaded items:

If I go into the folder and right-click on one downloaded file, then “Free up space” does appear:


It is of course totally impractical to go though each file one by one! OneDrive used to have a similar issue and still isn’t perfect but works better than Seadrive. Microsoft also added a top-level account feature to free space from the entire space which is a great solution. Seadrive needs that as well.

Not sure if everyone realises this but the “free up space” feature is actually part of Windows and is controlled by attributes. As mentioned OneDrive had a similar problem so I wrote a PowerShell script to free up space in a folder. Just tried it and it works with Seadrive as well :slight_smile:

Here it is supplied “as is”…

# Free-OneDriveSpace.ps1: clear space used by OneDrive.


# Check folder exists.
If (!(Test-Path $Path -EA SilentlyContinue)) {Write-Warning "Unable to find ""$Path"""; Exit}

# Get list of files and folders with attributes.
$Results = attrib "$Path\*.*" /s /d

# Build list of files that are not hidden and downloaded from cloud. Bit sketchy, uses output of Attrib command.
$Pattern = "^....(.)..(.).....(.)(.).*(\w:\\.*)$"
$Files = @()
ForEach ($Line in $Results) {
	$Hidden 	= $Line -Replace $Pattern, '$1'
	$Offline 	= $Line -Replace $Pattern, '$2'
	$Pinned 	= $Line -Replace $Pattern, '$3'
	$UnPinned 	= $Line -Replace $Pattern, '$4'
	$File = $Line -Replace $Pattern, '$5'
	If ($Hidden -ne "H") {
		If ((($Offline -eq " ") -And ($UnPinned -eq " ")) -Or ($Pinned -eq "P")) {$Files += $File}
		# If ($Pinned -eq "P") {$Files += $File}
If ($Files.Count -eq 0) {Write-Warning "Nothing to do"; Exit}

# Free up space.
$Count = 1
ForEach ($File In $Files) {
	If ($Show) {Write-Host $File}
	Attrib -p +u $File | Out-Null
	$Count += 1
Write-Host ("Freed space for {0:N0} file(s)" -f $Files.Count)
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I’ve just discovered (in another thread) that this script does NOT work on Seadrive. Sure it unpins the files but it doesn’t free up the space. It runs this command per file:

attrib -p +u

On OneDrive and Nextcloud, this frees up space. You end up with the O and U attributes set. This doesn’t work with Seadrive, at least on my system, consistently, it unpins (clears P flag) but doesn’t set U.

Do you already have this problem on your todo?

Which “problem” do you refer? The right-click menu is controlled by OS which we cannot change the behavior. The original issue that cannot free-up space for files, cannot be reproduced locally. I think it’s due to some application opens the file whenever the right-click menu pops up.

I mean the problem that @Rob_Nicholson has described

Got a bit of free time to re-visit this. Just battling with upgrading from 9.0.16 to 10.0.9 first…