SeaDrive macOS 3.0.8 superslow upload

Hi all!
I am writing here in hopes of getting help because my Seafile/SeaDrive setup seems to sync very slowly. When I say slow, I actually mean that a single file is syncing only every two seconds or so. Syncing one big file actually is as fast as it should be (limited by bandwidth, I guess)
I also should say that my server hardware is definitely not at fault. I have a 4x4TB SSD raid with I/O speeds of 1-2GB/s and the CPU is usually at around 2-5%.

Here’s my setup:
Seafile server installed via docker containers. The Seafile stack shares a network with the reverse proxy stack. In this reverse proxy stack, I have a cloudflare tunnel and nginx proxy manager running. The tunnel points at the nginx where also TLS termination happens. nginx the forwards an http request.
Please note that I need to tunnel as otherwise I do not have access to my server. On the client side I run SeaDrive on macOS 14.4 on both my M1 Pro MacBook Pro and my Intel iMac Pro.
What I have done is copying all files on the Macs to the SeaDrive folder to let it start syncing.

Now I am not certain where to start looking for the problem even as the speed issue I have is rather limited to the number of files seadrive syncs at a given time. It really seems SeaDrive syncs a file, no matter its size, only every 2-3 seconds.

I’d be greatful for any hints on where to start looking for a solution as at this rate, Seafile/SeaDrive is completely unusable. :confused:

when syncing files to the server via the client, the process should be continuous and generally not intermittent.

If the synchronisation is slower, this is most likely due to network issues.

How fast are you uploading and downloading your files via the web brower?