SeaDrive Map to 'S:' virtual drive

I recently updated to the SeaDrive 2.X client. It is working well but the Drive now longer has a virtual drive name (S:). Now the link is C:\Users<username>\seadrive_root\7fda0fa2\Shared with all!XXXX, and it is different for all users. This is a concern because our company often used file system links on our wiki pages, and links between libraries using windows file link paths.

I know the url links work well but they don’t show a nice filepath like an S: path. Is there anyway to add a virtual drive name again (S:)? Google drive has both so I assume it should be possible.

Thanks for any help!

With SeaDrive 2.0, it’s not possible to provide a virtual drive like 1.0 version. But you can use the work around here: SeaDrive 2.0.5 released! .

SeaDrive 2.0 uses native Windows cloud file API. Google Drive uses Dokany so it’s more similar to SeaDrive 1.0.