SeaDrive multiple accounts simultaneously

I administrate Seafile servers for many organizations, me and my teammates often need to duplicate file between servers.
It would be convenient to be able to navigate and copy/paste/move files across accounts without switching.
The SeaDrive folder could display a new level with all available accounts, that would be just perfect.
It’s something doable ?

Sorry but we don’t have such plan yet.

Yes, technically it’s not a feature.

But who is stopping you from just running multiple instances? :slight_smile: Works for me so far! I made two systemd units - one to mount my Seadrive as root and for root only, so I can do backups, and another which is dedicated to Jellyfin. For this, I just completely split both the runtimes - different .seadrive folders and everything. The only thing the two share is the same .seadrive/server.cfg which holds my credentials. Other than that, the two run separate.

So while it is not officially supported, you can attempt to simply run multiple instances. Just make sure each instance has it’s own .seadrive folder!