Seadrive not synching RW folder in RO library

On our SeaFile Server PE 7.1.6 I have a Library shared with all (Read Only).

I then created a directory in it and gave RW permissions to a Group.
These people can easily manage files as they want in that folder from the web interface. They also can see the Library/folder via SeaDrive 2.0.x.

However when they try to write to this folder via SeaDrive they cannot. Even more strange, SeaDrive gives out no error, the “sync” icon in Windows is green (see attachment) but on the web the uploaded files/directories do not appear at all.
SeaDrive logs tell nothing, just a bunch of sync state transition from 'committing' to 'synchronized' and sync state transition from 'synchronized' to 'committing'.
No error at all, no log about the ‘missing’ files (not uploaded to the server).

I suspect there are issues with SeaDrive respecting the access permissions in a RO library.

What SeaDrive (on Windows Explorer) shows:

What is on the server via web interface:


We’ll look into the problem.

Hello, I can’t reproduce your issue from your description.In my solutions,the seadrive can upload and update files by these steps.