Seadrive not uploading new files

I’ve been looking at the Camtasia screen recording application recently. This has exposed a problem with Seadrive. When you save a Camtasia project, it’s not uploaded by Seadrive! Camtasia 2022 creates a folder for each project containing a .tscproj (configuration) file and one or more .trec files - the raw screen recording. If you duplicate this folder using File Explorer, it uploads. The icons look correct in File Explorer but they aren’t visible in Seafile on the web.

Any ideas? Going to try to Seafile client next.

Which version of SeaDrive do you use? Which OS?

The latest on Windows. Since posting this, we’ve discovered that Camtasia does this when you save a project:

  1. Create a folder named as required
  2. Creates a project configuration file in the folder
  3. Creates a hard link to the raw recording files

In OneDrive, #1 and #2 are created fine but #3 isn’t uploaded as OneDrive doesn’t upload hard links. However, Seadrive doesn’t create any of the above.

Need to revisit later…

If you’re using 2.0.26, you can send over the log folder to There is an events.log for analyzing such issues.

Will do… I’ll set-up the lab again to try to repeat.