Seadrive on OS X Bigsur Fuse Issues

Running version 2.0.13

I ran into an issue tonight where the seadrive client on OS X reverted my installed Fuse install from 4.1.0 to 4.0.4. – I thought it was odd that I was being prompted to approve the extension being loaded, but it doesn’t tell you much info in this case; just to approve it and then reboot.

This was causing chaos with my Cryptomator and causing it to fail. Not fun, as I would uninstall 4.0.4 and seadrive would reinstall it. Right now it’s running right again…but this is a tad odd; randomly (and inconsistently) reverting software … I think what prompted it might have been setting seadrive to start then logging into my user account. I blew hours - didn’t want test that theory out again…

I just tried SeaDrive 2.0.13 on a MacBook running macOS 11.2.3 and it failed as you describe.

I allowed the “downgrade”, rebooted, and updated macFUSE to 4.1.0 from within the control panel. SeaDrive then worked as advertised.

I received two messages during this process: System Extension Updated (for Benjamin Fleischer) and “You need to approve SeaDrive kernel extension manually…” I believe the first message is actually the downgrade of macFUSE.

I am not using Cryptomator but it might be advisable to turn it off until SeaDrive is working fully.

By the way, why Cryptomator and not an encrypted library in Seafile?

Cryptomator works with any filesystem, encrypted libraries encrypt stuff on the server, not the local files.

I’m not using Cryptomator with Seafile…it’s just that they both use fuse. So the cause was me toggling install on login? I’m back to working fine; but my mjcfuse install is messed up - can’t open the preference pane sometimes.
Thanks for confirming - since I won’t worry absit having seadrive start on login, I should be fine.
Makes me feel better. TA!