SeaDrive permission denied after seaf-fsck

I have encountered the following issue with SeaDrive client. There was an integrity failure with some of libraries, therefore I ran seaf-fsck script on a server in order to repair them. After this I was unable to download any files to server via SeaDrive and an error message in SeaDrive client log has appeared:

sync-mgr.c(390): Repo ‘Общая библиотека’ sync state transition from uploading to ‘error’: ‘You do not have permission to access this library’.

But obviously I had an access, because I can download/upload files from the web-interface or traditional Seafile client. The Seafile server version is 6.0.4, SeaDrive client version is 0.3.0. Also the same behavior was observerd with version 0.2.0 on my colleague’s computer.

I was able to solve the problem by performing a logout from my account in SeaDrive client with removing a local cache followed by restarting the client.

For the traditional Seafile client the manual states that (after seaf-fsck) resynchronization is needed but SeaDrive does not have this option, nor SeaDrive resyncs automatically. It looks like a bug with SeaDrive resync.

Yes, currently the only solution to this case is to logout without removing cache. We’ll improve the handling of this case in future releases.

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We have seen this issue on Server Pro Version 6.0.13 and client version 6.1.0.

The only fix is to unsync and sync the library again. Do you guys have official fix coming out soon?


… the only solution to this case is to logout with removing cache …

Could you explain a little bit more detailed how to do this?

You can do it by right clicking on the SeaDrive icon in the system notification area. Choose your account in the menu. A correction: you should log out without removing the cache.

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