Seadrive problem with autocad

Hi everyone,

For a few weeks I am happy owner of a brilliant seafile system and am in the process of discovering its capabilities.

I regret to say that SeaDrive can not be used by AutoCAD users. After saving a DWG file to disk s: it is not possible to reopen it: “Drawing file is not valid.” Only Desktop Sync Client works fine. It’s a shame because I like idea of SeaDrive…

When you start a DWG file on a physical disk, temporary, hidden files - filename.dwl and filename.dwl2 - are created. When you close the program, these files are deleted. SeaDrive does not delete these files. Maybe there is a problem?

Unfortunately this problem still exist.
On version 0.8.3 it works perfect but this version has problem with Microsoft Office files. It has been fixed in later versions but problem with AutoCAD came back.