Seadrive - renaming "My Libraries" and changing cloud folder path

Hi all!

After weeks of exploring Dropbox alternatives, I believe I’ve found the ideal solution in Seafile/Seadrive. I have set up a Seafile server inside a Docker container, using an Nginx reverse proxy via a Cloudflare tunnel, with TLS termination occurring at the reverse proxy level. For reference, on the desktop side, I’m running macOS 14.2.1 with Seadrive.

However, I’ve noticed an issue that’s somewhat bugging me. It concerns the folder where libraries are stored, which is under “My Libraries” in Seadrive’s folder location. I attempted to rename this folder directly from Finder, but it automatically reverts to “My Libraries”. Moreover, the full path of the Seafile libraries is something like “/Users/user/Library/CloudStorage/ Libraries”.
So my questions are:

1.	Is there a way to change the name of the "My Libraries" folder?
2.	Can I also alter the folder name inside the CloudStorage directory?

Although I understand that, due to Apple’s cloud API, the folder must reside in that exact location, I’m hoping there’s an option for renaming the folder according to my preferences.

My main reason for wanting this is to maintain (a) consistent absolute paths across several Macs, (b) customizable directory names according to my preference, and (c) paths without any spaces.

I appreciate any insights on this matter. Thanks in advance!

Hi Antares,

I have asked this question previously as well due to reselling this to MacOS users as well, and they wanted to change the folder structure naming, but unfortunately this is hard-coded into the application and the system, as it is the identifiers for how it finds the files for different users.

If you have any other questions, please let me know!

Thank you for your response! Your explanation aligns with what I was suspecting. It’s somewhat inconvenient, but I can certainly work around this with a symbolic link. :wink:

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