SeaDrive Status Icons?

Hi, using SeaDrive 3.0.8 on macOS Monterey (12.7.1)

I just upgraded SeaDrive from the previous version 2.0.26, but seems like the overlay icons are not there.

Above is what I used to have, and what I was expecting.
I only have a cloud icon now. No blue cloud, no green check, etc.

To be fair, there were also not shown in the manual, either (look up Seafile drive manual for Mac, can’t post links here :frowning: )

My Finder has no green check marks and/or any other icons visible. When I download a file via the “cloud icon”, it simply shows a normal file with no icons whatsoever.

None of the enclosing folders also show any signs of icons.

Is this a normal behavior?
If so, that would also be a disappointing change that I’d miss.

I’ve already tried reinstalling Drive, turning on/off the extension, rebooting my Mac, relaunching Finder, etc.

Any insight would be appreciated :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

This is the normal behavior of macOS’ File Provider API. If you OneDrive, iCloud Drive, they all are the same.

The status of files/folders are actually there, but they’re just not the same as 2.0 version.

截屏2024-03-04 21.35.37

Thanks for answering!

Well that is definitely a bummer, but I guess that’s the way SeaDrive will be going now?

My short research does tell me that this direction will make SeaDrive future-proof with Apple Silicon support, so just adding that in in case anyone else has the same inquiry.

Thanks again!