Seadrive TMP files


I use latest seafile 11.0.3 and seadrive 3.0.7.
I have about 10 users.
After saving excel documents we get random TMP files. That can t be deleted if seadrive is running.
How i can resolve this?

Hello. Anybody have such problems?

the tmp file should be a temporary file for office, what version of windows are you using and which office software are you using? You can check in the basic settings of seadrive, if it is checked to allow synchronization of office temp files.

This is Windows 10, Office 2019 or 2021.
I have add “allow sync office files”.
But files still present.
I can delete them only when stop seadrive.

Hi, when you allow sync office temp files, the office temp files will be synced to the server.
You can uncheck this option and if it will still generate temporary files, you can send seadrive.log and events.log to If possible, you can send a corresponding office file to us.
You can right-click the tray icon and select open log folder to get the logs.

Files creating with and without this option.
Ok. I will try to send logs.