SeaDrive vs SeaClient

I have been using the Seafile Client for Windows since years now. I have always made sure that my Client has about the space of my library so that I can sync all my stuff.

As SeaDrive was introduced I was very unimpressed, as I dont need this for my situation.
But as time passes by and nothing really seams to happen to the normal seafile client, I start questioning my self a few things:

  1. Is the DriveClient the future of Seafile Client / is it the devs-focus in future?

  2. Do developers even recommend this over the classic client and will eventually let the old client die?

  3. Can the Seadrive Client let me still have my data on D:\Videos , D:\Musik, D:\ Documents or must in all be in this sort-of Network-Drive (S:) - > meaning that I don’t really now where my Data is. because its cached somewhere in behind?

  4. Can I install both in parallel, without have the Data being doubled on my local OS. If yes, how?

  5. Why didn’t you just implement “selective”-sync (like: oneDrive / Dropbox) into that normal Client, and let people decide what the want fully locally and what they want only the place holders to be displayed?

I really feel sorry for the old Client cause its just feels something left behind…

  • still need to go into the webinterface if I want to make a external Link with a password a expiration time… or just show created links…

The Selective folders e.g. this behavior like from OneDrive would have really ****** well fit to the normal Client:

Just wanted to add, that I’m am thankfull for getting a good product where I can put my Data in my location and not have at MS or Google or what ever. AND I know how much it costs to develop software, I’m just kinda frustrated with some things :slight_smile:

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why really change something that works pretty well?

SeaDrive 1.0 never was reliable. I haven’t tested 2.x so far, but think it is only available for Windows.

As you’ve written the data is cached. That also means not all data is on your local device and it only works offline. (With version 2.0 for windows that will change.)

Yes, just install. SeaDrive only has a local cache. Caching recently accessed data.

The selection in Seafile is done based on libraries. It is more powerful than most other solutions because each library can be synchronized with a custom place while many solutions only support a single target.

The point of SeaDrive is that is accesses data on request and only needs to store recently / currently accessed data locally while all data is easily available. It allows to navigate multiple TB of data with only having a little SSD.

For your Dropbox like partial sync i already tried to ask for a feature like that, but there seems to be more important things to do.

Search: Tree view partial sync of library

Also you can see from shoeper answer that what you and i like is considered not powerful and therefore it must be bad :wink: For that one dummy user interface feature i love Nextcloud / ownCloud Desktop Client, even the rest of that solution is bloody bad.