Seadrive- You do not have enough permissions for this library

Hey Everyone,

Having a strange issue and thought I would reach out here, in case anyone else has had this issue.
On our seadrive all of a sudden everyone is getting a ‘you do not have enough permissions to access this library’ on two libraries all others are fine, and those two libraries also work correctly on the web interface. I also get this issue and I am the owner of the library.
I have tried rebooting sea file and logging out and back with and without removing local cache.

Has anyone has a similar issue
running sea file-pro server 7.0.10 and seadrive 1.0.11 (also tried 2.0.3)


I just get the same error with 2 clients, both on Windows. Only two library affected, all others fine.
I manage to fix things but did not clearly understand how, here is what I have done :

On client side :

  • close Seadrive
  • remove ~/seadrive/data directory
  • start Seadrive

On server side :

  • remove user from the group
  • add user to the group

Can you search the seadrive.log for the word “clone”? Does the permission denied issue happened during cloning a repo? If so, it’s a know bug and will be fixed in 2.0.5 version.

sorry logfile was cleared.