Seadroid problems with current Lineage OS 17.1 / Update February 2021


I used Seadroid v2.2.32 until yesterday when I accidentally resetted my OnePlus 3T. After reinstalling the current LOS 17.1 (2021-02-22 as of writing this) two problems occured.

  1. with v2.2.32 I could not change into most of the subfolders of my libraries. The application crashed.
    1.1 at line 270 in the mkdirs() call failed and the RuntimeException is thrown which causes the application to crash
  2. with upcoming v2.2.33 all subfolders of my libraries where accessible again but the Camera Upload Service did not work. The application did not crash but there where no error messages eighter.
    2.1 during debugging, access to every photo I took was denied. So the upload had to fail.

I did a lot of logcatin’ and finally cloned the repo to debug it. I ended up adding


to the AndroidManifest.xml. Now everything is working again.
I hope this is somewhat usefull.

PS: I know this may fail with Android 11 (API 30+)

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See also Android 2.2.32 camera upload failed

Update to 2.2.33 should solve your problem.