Seaf-cli and two factor authentication?


how do i download a library with seaf-cli when two factor authentication for the given user is activated?

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I am investigating the same issue. I am struggling with how to supply the code to my seafile-CLI-Client (instead) of a password. Have you found a solution yet?


No, i didn’t find a solution until now. I’m completely lost on this. De-activating 2FA and Re-activating after synchronising with seaf-cli is no solution for me…

@happenpappen @muellefr seaf-cli is a bit outdated. I revise the code so as to make it support of the two-factor authentication.
I have submitted a pull request in Github:

If you would like to use the new seaf-cli before the patch is officially accepted and released, you can download the file from here:

Usage is similar, with an addition -a or --tfa argument to supply the 2FA code.
For example: seaf-cli list-remote -s https://url -u test -p pass -a 123456
Let me know if there is any issue.


@1111: thank you, the new client works great.