Seaf-cli does sticks at "waiting for sync"

Hi everybody,

I am using the newest seaf-cli client (6.2.9) to sync some libraries to a mounted external storage but I have a very strange problem.

My setup is:

  • seafile server 6.3.4 running on a ubuntu server 16.04
  • seafile storage is the local disk
  • on /mnt/hidrive I have mounted some hidrive storage via webdav

Now I try to sync some libraries from the seafile server to the /mnt/hidrive folder. This is running smooth as long as the the seaf-cli user has read+write access to this libraries. That means I can add files on the seafile-server, I can add or change files on the hidrive. Everything is in sync thanks to the seaf-cli client.

But If I want to sync a library that is only shared to this user with read-only permission, the sync process is stuck as soon as I delete a file on the hidrive.

The log says the following:

[06/04/19 14:45:32] sync-mgr.c(559): Repo 'Bibliothek-A' sync state transition from 'synchronized' to 'uploading'.
[06/04/19 14:45:32] http-tx-mgr.c(1181): Transfer repo '9d950701': ('normal', 'init') --> ('normal', 'check')
[06/04/19 14:45:32] http-tx-mgr.c(2438): Bad response code for GET 403.
[06/04/19 14:45:32] http-tx-mgr.c(3708): Upload permission denied for repo 9d950701 on server
[06/04/19 14:45:32] http-tx-mgr.c(1181): Transfer repo '9d950701': ('normal', 'check') --> ('error', 'finished')

For me it looks like the following:

  • the seaf-cli downloads all information from the library “Bibliothek-A”. Imagine there is only one file “test.txt” in the library
  • after a while the sync is done and the seaf-cli status shows the status synchronized
  • Now I delete the file test.txt on the hidrive (change is also possible)
  • the seaf-cli client detects the change on the hidrive and wants to “upload” this new information to the seafile-server
  • the seaf-cli requests his “permission” for this library and gets a 403 code
  • the seaf-cli does not know what to do and just stops the sync

In my opinion this behaviour is wrong. If the seaf-cli client tries to upload a “read-only” library the seaf-cli client should receive the answer of the server “you are not update this library, therefore no sync allowed”.
AND of cause the sync has to go on. If I add a new file on the seafile-server it should be synchronized to hidrive via the cli-client.

So my questions are

Best regards

This is a bug in seaf-cli. Currently seaf-cli doesn’t handle syncing read-only libraries correctly.

ok. thanks for the confirmation.
Do you have an idea when this will be tackelt or fixed?

Hi all.
Is there an ETA/update/current state on this?

I’d also suggest an option to allow that any local changes may be forcefully overridden downstream, in that the client takes extra care that local changes are bogus,
maybe even to the extent that not-remote-existing local files shall be deleted or otherwise marked as non-valid. A sane and quickly understandable way could be for the client to immediately store away changes to a non-synced directory, before reverting to normal operations. Further human edits would immediately stop and a pingpong prevented.

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This is issue has been fixed in recent versions. You may upgrade and try.

Dear Jonathan.
I am using version 7.0.6 under Debian 10, and I am having the same issue. What can you suggest to get around this issue?