Seaf-cli on Linux - sync folders not persisting after reboot

I’m running Seafile server on Ubuntu 22 without issues. On the same server I am synchronizing a local copy of the libraries (yes I realize this duplicates storage).

I used:
seaf-cli init
seaf-cli start
seaf-cli download – to set up a synchronization

In crontab:
@reboot /usr/bin/seaf-cli start

Total size approximately 5TB. After synchronizing completed, I rebooted the machine, but the libraries are no longer being synchronized. In order for synchronization to occur, need to run seaf-cli sync for each of the libraries to start up synchronization again.

Is this expected, or am I missing a step?

I’ve noticed this a while back and it appears that something funny happens with the database if the process is shut down without taking down the Seafile daemon first.

I have a headless machine that has 4 shares synchronised. If I just do a normal shutdown -r now, it’s a flip of a coin what happens at boot. If I do seaf-cli stop before rebooting, I’ve yet to see the shares getting desynchronised.

While this is not a fix, it’s a workaround.

Thanks @apz I’ll give that a try.