Seaf-cli on Ubuntu sync libraries list not persisting after reboot

I am trying to sync files on a Ubuntu server (it’s the same server that hosts Seafile server). I followed the instructions for “Seattle Client for a Cli Server” and am able to initialize and start the client daemon, and synchronize to an existing directory. So far, so good.

I have the seaf-daemon auto-starting through a @reboot entry in my user crontab.

When I reboot, however, the list of synchronized directories is empty, and I need to re-issue the seaf-cli sync commands for each of the libraries I want to synchronize.

Is this expected? Do I need to run the seaf-cli sync command after reboot? Or am I missing some configuration settings?

I have a VM I run the CLI client on, and it keeps the synced dirs after a reboot like you would expect. My guess is that the client is coming up before the server is ready and getting some errors. Maybe try adding a delay to the start.

I think that may be it. I changed my crontab to:
@reboot /usr/bin/sleep 240; /usr/bin/seaf-cli start

After reboot the libraries seem to be syncing. Thanks!