Seaf-cli one library in waiting For Sync, whilst other are ok

Hi to everyone, I installed and configured the client on my ubuntu 19.10… I created about 8 library all in the same way and the data are on a shared file system. All the libraries worked fine for many days. Since two days, one of them (just one) are ever in Waiting for Sync. I tried to stop/start the service, but there is no way to solve the problem. Can anyone faced this kind of problem? How I can solve it?
I tried to adjust the time check interval editing the RepoProperty table in this way:
UPDATE “RepoProperty” SET value = ‘100’ WHERE repo_id = ‘*******************’ AND key = ‘sync-interval’;
but without luck

i can say you that the data in this library are numberous small files…so I ask you if the problem can be the large amount of small file

ps: I’m sorry for my english… I hope someone can understand what I mean :slight_smile:

Have you tried resyncing the library?
(Right-click on the library in the client. It will unsync and then immediately start syncing again with the same folder.)

Hi, thanks for your reply, but I can’t resync… I’m using the CLI, so I can only run from command line and the resync option is missing in the seaf-cli version

Well, you should be able to desync and then resync the library using the cli as well - it’s two steps instead of just one as in the gui

Hi squirrel, thanks for your answer … I have thought of this approach too, but it is not a good way. When I unsynchronize via cli, the library is deleted, so I would have to create it again and then sync it … so it’s too long a job, because all the data has to be synced again.
Yesterday I did a resync via gui, as you suggested, (I did it on a VNC session) and now the library is synchronized, but it is not normal behavior … I would like to understand due to what kind of problem is it freezes, so I can try to fix it (The resync option on the CLI might be useful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… hope they put it in the next updates)
thank you so much for the support

I’m having the same issue, which is very annoying. I’m synching 3 libraries through the cli on a server (server running ubuntu 18.04, client running debian 9, fully updated).
Two of those libraries are in sync, but one is stuck at “waiting for sync”. I’m unsure for how long it’s been like that, but I’ve recently made some changes to that library and if I re-sync it, it will just throw back conflict files and files I’ve previously deleted from the library. This can’t be the solution, there must be a better way of handling this problem. Although it’s likely I won’t have any missing data, it will take me a long time to go through conflict files, find out which ones are the valid ones (I’ve had some nasty experiences in the past with conflict files, but that’s another story), and clean up the library again.
This seems to be a problem for quite a while - I’ve found posts here in the forum from a few years back about this issue. Can this be addressed?