Seaf-fuse bug report.Do you care?

Can stream most of data,but some times it can’t read all of the blocks.
4example,I upload a movie.mp4 using client or seahub web (wsgi or fastcgi) it can be uploaded successfully.And it can be read through web and client but only except seaf-fuse.
More clearly to say,you will see the complete movie except using seaf-fuse,4example 1:59:59 time.
If using seaf-fuse to copy or that movie,you will get a broken mp4 file which could only provide you 1:50.50 time.
So that’s where the bug is and this could not be found on every file and frequently.But it exists,still don’t figure out what’s the exact reason for this,and didn’t find a log file in assosiation with this issue.
By the way,I checked that seaf-fuse.log file but no clue at all.
By the way again,I am using amazong S3 backend and after upgrade from 6.1.9 to 6.2.4 pro version,seafile can’t talk to S3 using https(Debian 9).
And I thought what Seafile team opens source and forum to talk for is asking for advise,critical idea,not only just avoid it and seeking to see simple question.
You open source,you get free advice and debug efforts to make you better.
Do you care or just ignore?

The bug mention above can be proved.

Fuck it.Seaf-fuse.
Could be crashed at any possible second.
It this a product or toy ?

I had never problems with SeaFUSE. It’s not for permanent use. If you want to acces something permanent, you have to use SeaDrive. You were ignored because you never posted logs or anything else.

No logs exist for the seaf-fuse crash.
I can tell you this issue came after 6.1.9 no matter what changes.
SeaDrive performs not as conveniently as seaf-fuse if you ever tried a video stream,and acts lazily or not smart,so not cool.
Seaf-fuse anyway give it a smooth experience as a storage backend of video player,but acts like a willful bitch,not a steady product.

SeafDAV is perfect for this, then you can acces the videos. But becasue of caching I would try SeaDrive. Your choice, there are 3 options, more than you need.

Thx,dude,for giving advice.
I tested dav | drive option before with no satisfied conclusions.
There were no issues until v6.1.9 is issued,and I can’t roll back cause of other new features.
However,I’ll keep an eye on the future releases,frankly,I ask no more but these.
Thx again.

What issues are occuring?

Well,briefly speaking,when the plex media server indexs the mount point of seaf-fuse,or retrieves data from it,it could be dead.You have to umount and mount it again.Since I wrote a system service,it comes easier instead of labor.But it’ll crash without no discipline or prediction.
So I called it toy other than product.
By the way,seaf-fuse has a feature that makes video streaming responds rapidly with no caching feature.If it does caching first,delay will occupy,and that’s miserable.

There are some forum threads about the using of Plex with SeaFile. Search it and maybe you’ll find a solution.