Seaf-server.exe creating tons of connections to loopback

I am finding the seaf-server.exe process on my Seafile for Windows server opening a ton of connections to itself on a loopback IP. here’s a screenshot of TCPView running on the server: hxxps://

This happens as soon as the server boots up and the number of connections appears to grow exponentially. Looking at the port numbers in this list, it appears they connect in peers (ex. 49271 connects to 49272 and vice-versa).

Does anyone have any idea what’s causing this?

That’s correct. Seafile server has several components that communicates with each other through a local tcp connection. Check .

Thanks for replying so quickly. It’s normal that there are so many of these connections from seaf-server.exe? The server currently has 156 established TCP connections to/from this process on